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JOSEPH TAYLOR - Guitar Tutor


As a highly skilled musician and guitar teacher, I have a deep appreciation of the power of music to enhance and enrich people’s lives, helping them to express creativity and build confidence. These skills feed into every area of life.  I am driven to make guitar playing accessible and fun to anyone who wishes to learn, no matter their ability. 


I am a patient, compassionate, approachable and creative teacher with excellent listening and communication skills. To adapt to individual’s needs and abilities I employ a range of teaching styles and methodologies, ensuring that learning to play is always enjoyable and pupils quickly gain a sense of achievement and pride in their playing.  I take equal pleasure and care in introducing the basics to new starters as I do in extending advanced pupils to higher levels of achievement. 


I teach pupils from the age of 7 to adults and warmly welcome all pupils of all ages and abilities to the world of guitar and bass playing.  It is a pleasure to share my love of playing guitar with new musicians and I believe this radiates into my teaching.


Having graduated from Leeds College of Music with a BSc Hons my knowledge spans blues, jazz, rock, classical and popular music, including metal. My technical prowess has been recognised by major music organisations, such as the Isle of Wight Festival and Tech Fest, where I have been employed to teach masterclasses as well as perform.


Being a member of Rock Band sessions at Langley Hall Music Academy for students is an exciting experience.   Performing and working alongside singers, bassists, guitarists, drummers, and other instrumentalists provides enjoyable opportunities to work collaboratively.  Pupils are encouraged to compose together in a creative way as well as have the opportunity to select their favourite songs to perform.


With an abundance of ideas and energy to contribute, I look forward to welcoming all new guitarists and Rock Band members.  I thoroughly enjoy working as part of a team within a school music department and I am excited about contributing to the shaping of popular music at Langley Hall Music Academy.

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