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At Langley Hall Music Academy we are committed to offer a Musical Programme of Excellence, where students will be able to unlock their musical potential, develop their emotional and social skills and build their confidence whilst sharing their achievements proudly.


By training and educating our young musicians we aim to enrich the musical culture in our local community and inspire not only our students, but everyone involved. Being Langley a Borough with a high percentage of a non-white population, we believe we are in the right place to change the Classical Music provision from within, aiming to a much more inclusive and diverse Education.


Our rich curriculum will be delivered by professional musicians and specialist teachers of the highest standard, who will nurture every student’s creativity and imagination. Students will be tutored in their preferred instrument(s) either towards Grade Exams of just for fun whilst having the opportunity to join a varied choice of difference Ensembles (Symphony Orchestra, Strings/Wind Ensemble, Choir, School of Rock, Chamber Music, Choir, etc.)

By learning and performing together, where their aural perception, creativity and music knowledge is being expanded, students will develop their communication skills even further, their sense of sharing, humility and resilience.


Throughout the year students will also have the amazing opportunity to perform in our numerous performance occasions (in or outside school), explore and expand their skills with a variety of music workshops and have the chance to exchange their knowledge with students from other schools/communities.

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