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Ashvin Siventhiran_edited.jpg

Ashvin is a skilful pianist and passionate piano teacher, having played the piano since the age of 7.

Having previously volunteered at Music Workshop at LHPA, Ashvin is well equipped to teach all abilities and mindsets. He always aims to give the best of his abilities to his students and provides a fulfilling experience for all. Ashvin helps his students develop good discipline and a true passion for the piano through a wide range of teaching styles and approaches, catering to each individual on a case by case basis.


Ashvin is open to teaching all age groups and wants to show that anyone can play the piano. It requires dedication and resilience, which Ashvin instils in his students.


Full of life and energy, he aims for his students to look forward to his lessons on a Saturday and immerse them in the immense power of music!

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