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CHARLIE PAYNE- Drumkit and Percussion Tutor

Charlie Payne Portrait_edited.jpg

Charlie Payne is an accomplished drummer and percussionist, currently studying percussion at the Royal College of Music with professors David Hockings, Ralph Salmins, Grahame King, Anthony Kerr, Daniella Ganeva and Hugh Wilkinson.


Having played for just over 10 years, he’s built up a great amount of experience playing in many different ensembles, in a variety of different genres and contexts.  Some highlights of these include the National Youth Percussion Orchestra, as well as the RCM Big Band, Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra, among many smaller ensembles.  


Charlie has worked with Box9 Drumline at many high level corporate functions, which has led to performances at Wembley Stadium, Latitude Festival, and promotional events for Sky and Netflix.  On top of these commitments, Charlie plays drum kit for several smaller bands, with which he gigs regularly around London, and spends time pursuing further interests in musical arrangement, recording and production.

When it comes to teaching, Charlie is enthusiastic and keen to engage pupils in a diverse and appropriately challenging learning programme.  He tailors his education approach to every pupil’s individual needs and learning styles, and focuses on keeping lessons fun, while still maintaining a solid foundation for learning and skill progression.

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