STEVE POPE - Guitar Tutor

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Steven is a guitar teacher, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a background in performance. Having first started teaching the guitar in 2013, he loves to play and teach all styles of contemporary music, from rock and blues to folk, funk and jazz. Steven has an extensive background in education, having taught music to pupils of all ages and ability levels and with additional experience of working in schools. Creativity and enjoyment are central to his lessons, as he always prioritises the student’s interests and strives to help everyone to reach their personal goals and find joy through music.


Being fascinated by music and creativity, Steven has recently finished studying towards a MA in Songwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, graduating in 2020. During this year, Steven was able to explore music and his creative voice in greater detail, learning more about what it means to be a contemporary musician while expanding his technical knowledge of contemporary songs and styles. It is his goal to help his students uncover and develop their creative voice while they work to gain the technical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to fully realise their musical ideas.


Steven completed his undergraduate degree in 2018, achieving 1st Class Honours from the Academy of Contemporary Music. His undergraduate studies were specialised in guitar technique and performance and he gained expertise with a wide range of styles including jazz, classical, blues, rock and more, while he developed his craft with world class tutors and guitarists. It was at this time that Steven studied Advanced Music Theory and discovered his love for the inner workings of music and how theoretical knowledge can facilitate our creativity.


In addition to studying a performance focussed degree, Steven has previously performed live both as a solo act and as a guitarist with organisations such as the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, while as a young musician he regularly performed with classical orchestras and ensembles. He brings this experience of performance into his lessons and is passionate about helping young musicians to build their confidence and share their talents and music with others.


Steven is delighted to be working with the Langley Hall Music Academy and is looking forward to sharing his love for music and the guitar with the Academy’s students.