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LHMA's Head & Strings Tutor

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Born in Málaga, Spain, Victor commenced his formal violin training studying and performing in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, France, Morocco, Russia, Norway, India, South Korea, United States and Canada. He is one of the foremost international violinists of his generation.


​His native Andalucía influences his unique style, where historically a multitude of musical cultures have emerged leaving behind a rich rhythmic and unique melodic legacy.


European Classical Music, as well as diverse African and North/South American musical aspects are combined into a unique offering in the hands of Victor Aguirre. World music is currently a priority, where new, experimental ways of violin playing are discovered.


​Victor is extensively sought after as a teacher, having studied Music Education & Instrumental Pedagogy at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg and Jazz Music in the Bruckner University of Linz, Austria. Health in the professional life of a musician is an important topic for him, where he has been able to deepen his understanding and training of the Alexander Technique thanks to world-renowned tutors in Hannover and Utrecht.


Many of the pieces that he performs are his own arrangements, as well as his own original compositions. Improvising, singing and even whistling is possible in his unique concerts where there are no limits. Victor currently lives in London, England, where he works on different musical teaching and performance projects. 

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